Mole Map Skin Cancer Checks

Coolangatta Medical Centre, is pleased to offer MoleMap’s range of skin cancer detection services to help you protect the skin health. With a proven mole-mapping system that’s designed to detect skin cancer early, it’s the skin’s best chance against melanoma

MoleMap Skin Cancer Checks Now Available

  • Be seen by a trained skin cancer nurse
  • Diagnosed by a specialist Dermatologist
  • Early detection is the best protection

    Choose from 4 skin cancer detection services…
    Full Body MoleMap $395 – available from June
    The most comprehensive service – a complete mole-mapping programme for year-on-year monitoring + unlimited free spot checks for 12 months.

    MoleMap Skin Check+ $249 – available from June
    Great value – a thorough skin assessment + a full body photographic record of the skin for comparison when self-checking or at later appointments.

    MoleMap Skin Check $189 – available now
    The standard service – a thorough skin assessment for existing signs of skin cancer by a trained skin cancer nurse + diagnosis by a Dermatologist.

    MoleMap Spot Check $149 – available now
    Quick and easy – a thorough check of up to 3 moles of concern for signs of skin cancer + diagnosis by a Dermatologist.

    Are you at risk of melanoma?
    Check if any of the following risk factors apply to you…

  • You’re aged 50+
  • You work or play outdoors
  • You’ve been sunburnt in the past
  • You’re fair-skinned or freckled
  • You or someone in the family has had melanoma
  • You have alot of moles
  • You have unusual-looking moles

    If you checked 2 or more risk factors, chances are you have a higher risk of melanoma.

    At Coolangatta Medical Centre, qualified doctors have the requisite skills to take a close look at the skin and check for early-stage melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancers. Their early diagnosis and well-founded prognosis is what helps us stay ahead of this detrimental disease. Moreover, the facility is equipped to help us conduct any tests that the doctors may deem necessary. Book an appointment with one of the doctors in Coolangatta to do a skin cancer check. The team works towards the prevention, early detection, and treatment of skin cancer in Coolangatta, Queensland.


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