8 Surprising Health Facts You May Have Not Heard Before

Health is the primary concern of people of all age groups. Though there are certain health aspects that everyone knows about, there are some unusual factors that most people don’t know. Going to bed when you feel tired won’t be very helpful. Instead, do some exercise. It will boost the flow of blood and oxygen inside your body and improve your mood and energy. A study by the Duke University Medical Center has shown that an optimistic mindset plays a favorable role in alleviating diseases and helps to extend your lifespan. Sunlight acts as a natural anti-depressant and can help in minimizing the risk of depression to an extent.

Drinking something hot triggers a sweat response, and after feeling hot for some time, you will gradually start feeling cooler inside your body. Not working out might make your body vulnerable to health risks which are commonly faced by smokers. Sit straight, but do take breaks in between so that you don’t suffer from back pain later. Physical exercise can help your body resist neurological disorders and reduce your vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease. A study in 2006 in The Journal of Chemical Senses showed that consumption of red meat could help in checking body odour.

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