Integrated Health Care

At Coolangatta Medical Centre we have integrated health specialists who actively implement integrated care strategies and practices throughout medical care.

Integrated Health Care

Here at Coolangatta Medical Centre the doctors actively implement integrated care strategies and practices throughout medical care.

With the ageing populations growing in size with a rising prevalence of chronic illnesses, higher expectations for quality care and rising costs within limited health budgets, integration of healthcare has been seen as a solution to these challenges.

Many Australians are admitted to hospital for chronic illnesses that very well could have been prevented or managed within their community. There is a high rate of diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases throughout Australia which is why integrated health aims to enhance primary care and the outcomes and experiences of patients with these illnesses.

Integrative medicine is a philosophy of healthcare that emphasises the importance of the relationship shared between practitioner and patient, by focusing on individual patient care through combining the best of conventional western medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine and therapies. Practitioners of Integrated medicine utilizes natural remedies to help the body heal itself by embracing many therapies, including acupuncture, exercise, nutritional counselling, stress reduction, and psychotherapy.

What do we aim to achieve? At Coolangatta Medical Centre, there is a dedicated team of qualified doctors who have the requisite skills to help you manage and treat these chronic illnesses.

The Integrated Health Practitioners work collaboratively with the healthcare team to help motivate patient engagement with their health along providing high quality care to the patients.

Doctors practising at Coolangatta Medical Centre provide seamless and efficient care that reflects the entirety of a person’s health needs including both physically and mentally. They necessitate a greater focus on a person’s needs, better communication between healthcare providers in primary care, and better access to community-based services close to home.

If you have been struggling with a persistent chronic illness or any pain then you can easily book an appointment on the website with one of the doctors in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Restricted Bulk billing is available for pension, concession and DVA card holders along with children under the age of 16 with most but not all the doctors.

Restricted Bulk Billing

Did you know that GP Management Plans, Reviews and Health Care Assessments for Chronic Disease management are bulk billed.

Please check with your GP if you are eligible.

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