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Promoting Pre-Employment Health for a Resilient Workforce


This includes a questionnaire to document an employee’s medical history and an examination of an employee’s visual acuity.
Also includes spirometry and instant drug & alcohol testing.

What is Pre-Employment Medical Check?

A pre-employment medical assessment is a test employers usually require applicants to take before being officially hired. Its purpose is to determine whether the applicant is physically and mentally fit to perform the job they are applying for. For employers, it is a means to minimise the risk of accidents or health-related issues that can impact productivity and to ensure a work environment that promotes the well-being of the staff. And for employees, it allows them to address any health concerns and ensure they are aware of and prepared for the physical demands of the job.

At Coolangatta Medical Centre, we understand the significant role that employee well-being plays in the success of both the organisation and the individual. Our comprehensive employment medical assessments are designed to ensure that prospective employees are not only fit for the job but also equipped to thrive in their roles.

Our Standard Pre-Employment Medical Processes & Services

The standard pre-employment medical test we use is tailored to ensure that both organisations and prospective employees have a clear understanding of an individual’s health and fitness in relation to the specific job requirements. Here’s an overview of the process:

Health Questionnaire 

The pre-employment medical exam starts with a detailed questionnaire that covers your medical history, lifestyle, and any pre-existing conditions. This serves as our foundation for understanding your unique health profile, allowing our healthcare professionals to tailor the examination to address any of your concerns. 

Physical Examination

In addition to spirometry, we may also perform a more comprehensive respiratory examination for your pre-employment medical check. This involves examining your chest and lungs for signs of respiratory conditions or abnormalities.

D&A testing is a standard part of our workplace health assessment. Our staff analyses samples such as your urine to detect specific substances present in your system before or during the test.


Height and weight are both measured so we can calculate whether they are in healthy proportion with each other. It helps us determine any potential health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, malnutrition, or anaemia.

This involves a comprehensive assessment of your cardiovascular system, including a heart check, blood pressure measurement, and pulse rate evaluation. Cardiovascular examination for pre-employment health assessment is especially important for jobs that demand heavy physical exertion or stress.

Our doctors perform a thorough evaluation of your joints, muscles, and overall mobility, assessing your physical capabilities and limitations. This helps ensure that prospective employees have the strength, flexibility, and overall musculoskeletal fitness to safely and effectively perform tasks.

A neurological assessment evaluates your motor skills, coordination, and motor control. This is essential for jobs that require specific cognitive abilities, such as problem solving and concentration. 

A hernia occurs when one of the abdominal organs push through the muscle or tissue, causing swelling in the tummy or groin. This can lead to complications and stress especially when doing demanding physical tasks. Identifying hernias during pre-employment check-up is critical to ensure the safety of the employee.

We conduct urinalysis to assess your kidney function, screen for diabetes, and detect any other abnormalities in the urinary system.

An FVA evaluates how well your eyesight performs various tasks in different places and with different materials. It is important for jobs that have specific visual requirements.

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Why Choose Coolangatta Medical Centre for Your Pre-Employment Medical Check-Up?

At Coolangatta Medical Centre, we understand that the well-being and fitness of your workforce are paramount to the success of your organisation. Here’s what makes us a reliable partner for workplace medical assessments.

  • Experienced medical professionals specialising in a variety of fields

  • Specialised and personalised approach

  • Timely and efficient procedures

  • Modern medical facilities

  • Compliance to legal and ethical standards

  • Transparent communication to clients and patients

  • Flexible pricing and packages

  • Convenient scheduling options

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Frequently Asked Questions

The turnaround time for the results varies depending on the complexity of the examination and the specific tests conducted. However, results are processed promptly and all efforts are made to provide our clients with the results within a reasonable timeframe.

Results may be delayed if there’s a need for additional confirmatory testing or a high volume of assessments being processed. However, we strive to minimise delays and keep you informed about the status of your results.

To ensure confidentiality and in compliance with privacy regulations, only a fit slip or the summary of the results will be given to you initially. Full results may be provided upon request. Reach out to us for the whole process of acquiring yours.

As per the Privacy Act 1988, patients have the right to access their medical records. Check with our staff so we can walk you through the process.

Your records are exclusively accessible to the clinical and administrative personnel involved in your medical care. However, your assessment may be given to relevant third parties such as your employers or insurers given that we have your consent. The only time your information will only be accessed without your consent is if we are legally obligated to do so.

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Visit us Today

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm
Saturday 8:30am – 1pm
Sunday 9am – 12pm

PH: (07) 5599 1400
91 Griffith Street, Coolangatta, QLD