What Vaccines are Needed for Bali?

Travelling to exotic destinations has become an integral part of the modernday lifestyle. While travelling is considered to be a great way of relaxation for the mind and the body, there are some unfortunate instances when this same exercise can become the cause of a disease. It is for this very reason, that the Travel Doctors at Coolangatta Medical Centre encourage all tourists heading to Bali to get vaccinated.

Bali Travel Vaccinations

If you too are planning a vacation to Bali, here are some vaccines that may be advisable to you depending on your circumstances

  • All Childhood Vaccinations
  • Vaccination against Hepatitis A
  • Vaccination against Typhoid
  • Vaccination against Influenza
  • Vaccination against Japanese Encephalitis
  • Vaccination against Rabies

These Bali travel vaccinations can prove to be extremely effective in helping you steer clear from contracting any unwanted diseases on your vacation.

However, if you are pregnant or are considering pregnancy in the near future we would advise you to rethink your vacation plans. The notorious Zika virus is found in abundance in Bali, which can have some serious implications for your health and that of your baby.

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Need for Bali Travel Vaccinations

While there are numerous tourists who visit Bali without the requisite Bali travel vaccinations and manage to come back home unscathed, it cannot possibly lessen the significance of taking this crucial preventive measure. After all, you wouldn’t want to fall sick on your much-awaited vacation, and spoil your days and those of your loved ones resting in your resort.

A significant number of tourists who visit the renowned Ubud Monkey Forest get bitten or scratched by monkeys and then require urgent medical care and possibly rabies immune globulin, etc.

Getting medical advice before you go can help you be prepared and aware of possible diseases that you can vaccinate against or at least to be aware of before you go.

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