Brief Guide: 2 Signs You Need to See a Doctor


Before the onset of COVID-19, doctors in Tweed usually received patients with common chronic diseases and others with severe symptoms that cannot be ignored. A report released in 2018 on general practice in Australia showed the 3 most common reasons people visited the GP were for prescriptions, infections of the upper respiratory tract, and review.

It is however advised that certain signs should not be neglected, and you should schedule an appointment with a doctor once you experience one of these. You can search for doctors in Tweed and let them see if you might have a problem that needs proper medical attention.

Sudden Weight Los

There are several possible causes of drastic weight loss. Among those causes are diabetes, liver problem, thyroid complications, and depression. These are just some of the common causes but there are many more that could be added to the list. Visiting a GP in such a case can help to eliminate the different possibilities and zero in on the actual cause.

Unexplained Change in Urination or Bowel Movement

Bowel movements and urination may vary from one person to another so do not compare yourself to someone else. The main thing is if you notice a change in your urination or bowel movement, then you may need to consult a doctor because these could be symptoms of diseases that need serious medical attention.


You should never ignore any abnormal sensations, pains, or bodily functions. If they are recurring, you should notify the doctor and let them investigate the cause of whatever you are feeling. Many deaths can be prevented if early symptoms like those listed above are not ignored.