Cholera Vaccination at Coolangatta Medical Centre

Coolangatta Medical Centre is dedicated to providing extensive vaccination services to ensure all members of the community are well-protected against various health threats, especially when travelling overseas. 


Accessible Cholera Vaccine: Services Available in Queensland, Australia

With cholera posing a significant risk in certain regions, our team is here to provide the necessary vaccinations to residents of Gold Coast, QLD, Australia who are planning on travelling to high-risk areas. With proper vaccination and essential health knowledge, you can be protected and safe no matter where your adventures take you.

What is Cholera?

Cholera is an acute bacterial infection caused by ingesting food or water contaminated by Vibrio cholerae. It can cause severe diarrhoea and dehydration and can be fatal if left untreated within hours.

In most severe cases, cholera can cause large, rapid loss of fluids and electrolytes, which can lead to death within hours. In other situations, infected individuals can die of dehydration and shock from hours to days after the symptoms first appear. Other complications may include:2

  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Low potassium levels
  • Kidney failure

The World Health Organisation defines cholera as a global threat to public health due to its prevalence in regions with inadequate access to clean water and sanitation. Every year, 1.3 to 4.0 million cases of cholera are reported worldwide, with 21,000 to 143,000 of them leading to death. 

Although cholera acquired in Australia is very rare, it remains a significant risk for travellers visiting regions where the disease is common, such as parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Humanitarian aid workers deployed to regions with endemic or outbreaks of cholera are also vulnerable to being exposed and are thus highly recommended to receive cholera vaccinations.

Cholera vaccination provides a critical layer of protection against this disease and prevents severe symptoms that can cause life-threatening complications. By getting the vaccination, individuals also minimise the risk of spreading the disease, protecting their loved ones and the wider community from potential outbreaks.

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For further information about the Cholera vaccine, please consult with a GP doctor here on the Gold Coast.

Cholera Vaccination at Coolangatta Medical Centre

The Department of Health and Aged Care recommends that children aged 2-6 years should receive 3 doses of the vaccine, while adults and children over 6 years of age should receive 2 doses, all of which with an interval of 1-5 weeks between each dose. The course must be restarted if the interval between doses exceeds 6 weeks.

Make your travels safe and worry-free with the cholera vaccination at Coolangatta Medical Centre. Our vaccination clinic is open to providing the necessary protection and health advice to ensure you have a healthy and enjoyable trip. Book a consultation with us to discuss your travel plans and plan out your vaccination schedule before you go on your adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Common Questions about Cholera  & Vaccines)

Cholera is transmitted when a person ingests contaminated food  or water with the V. cholerae bacteria.

There are only rare cases of cholera in Australia, with about two to six reported cases per year.3

The cholera vaccine is recommended for children of 2 years of age and above as well as adult travellers who:

  • have a high risk of acquiring diarrhoeal disease, including those with achlorhydria
  • are visiting at-risk areas
  • are working at epidemic or refugee camps


In Australia, the cholera vaccine is available as an oral vaccine against serogroup O1. Depending on the vaccine provider, Dukoral or Vaxchora may be administered.

Possible side effects from the vaccine may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting
  • Allergic reactions

If there’s a continuous risk of cholera, it is advised to receive a single booster dose six months after completing the initial course of vaccinations. If there’s a gap of over 6 months between the initial immunisation and the booster shot, the initial course of vaccinations should be repeated.

You can get the cholera vaccine at Coolangatta Medical Centre. Our travel health services include extensive vaccinations tailored to your travel plans.

Get your vaccinations at least a month before your travel. You may need several weeks to complete all the recommended doses, and your body needs time to build up immunity. Talk to your healthcare provider before your trip overseas to plan out your vaccination schedule.


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