Looking After Dad’s Health

Our busy family lives often mean that Dad’s health can at times be placed on the backburner. It’s easy to see how Dad (like Mum) can run out of time to look after himself, and what better time than prostate cancer awareness month to think about Dad’s health. In honour of father’s day we’d like to highlight some of the things you as a family can do to help keep Dad healthy and happy.

Keep Dad active. Whether it’s bringing a ball to the beach, walking the dog, or playing outside with the kids, extra physical activity will help keep him in shape. Activities such as gardening, touch footy, kite-flying, and tag, are all great ways for the whole family to help dad exercise while everyone has fun.

Feed him well. It’s easy to sneak in an extra meat pie here and there, and while a treat is all well and good, making sure Dad regularly eats a nutritious and balanced diet is important. Turn cooking into a family affair, taking the opportunity to teach the kids how to peel vegetables and or make a fruit salad for dessert. Cooking fresh is a great way to spend quality time with the family and improves everyone’s health, not just Dad’s.

Check up on him. Finally, make sure Dad is looking after his health with regular check ups. The early detection of prostate cancer, cardiovascular problems, and many other men’s health concerns can be life saving.