Tweed Heads Super Clinic Guide: 6 Factors That Increases Your Risk Of Lung Cancer

Your lungs are the primary organs that are responsible for breathing. They take in oxygen and move out carbon dioxide during inhalation and exhalation respectively. But imagine if your lungs begin having problems in themselves, such as lung cancer. If not death, this can lead to some serious difficulties in your body. That is why you either need to avoid lung cancer to the greatest extent or get it diagnosed on time from Tweed Heads Super Clinic. It will ensure early treatment, causing much less discomfort to you.

Here are some factors that tend to increase your risk of lung cancer. You must look into them and see whether you are under high risk or not.

#1 Smoking

The rule here is simple, i.e., the more you smoke, the higher the risk of lung cancer. Everybody knows that cigarette smoking is one of the primary causes of cancer in the lungs. People still keep on making excuses, such as “we don’t smoke excessively” or “we only smoke occasionally.” These explanations don’t save them from the problem, and they also fall under the high-risk category.

No matter how long and how much you have been smoking, you can leave the habit right away to reduce your risk of lung cancer.

#2 Family History

While this may not be a deciding factor, it certainly increases your risk of lung cancer. In case any of your blood relatives like parents, siblings, or children have a history of lung cancer, you will fall under the high-risk category. It means you will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle while getting yourself checked every now and then to ensure everything is fine. You can seek help from doctors in Tweed Heads for proper diagnosis.

#3 Secondhand Smoke Exposure

There is not much difference between smoking cigarettes or getting around the area that contains smoke. So even if you hang out with your friends or colleagues while they smoke, you are at a high risk of developing lung cancer. This is known as secondhand smoke, and it also causes problems. So you must stay away from it as much as possible.

#4 Radon Gas Exposure

When uranium breakdowns in soil, water, and rock, it produces radon gas in the air. This gas formation can take place in any kind of property, and it mixes with the breathable air. If you get exposed to the radon containing air, it stresses out your lungs. Therefore, leading to a risk of lung cancer.

#5 Radiation Therapy History

If you have a history of the chest or any other kind of cancer, you are likely to develop lung cancer as well. This happens due to the exposure of your body to radiation therapy. While it treats existing cancer, it can increase the risk of having another.

#6 Carcinogens Exposure

Carcinogens substances like arsenic, nicker, and chromium are known to cause cancer in the human body. In case your workplace requires excessive exposure to these elements, you must take precautions and go for checkups regularly. The risk is much higher for people who smoke. So you must take care of yourself.

You can move towards a healthy lifestyle and stay away from these factors to keep yourself safe from lung cancer.