How Cardiologists can Detect Early Signs of Heart Problems

Advancements in health care have made it possible for one to visit the Tweed health for everyone superclinic and know if they are at higher risk of heart disease. Cardiologists can carry out tests to spot complications like hardening of heart muscles and arteries which are associated with heart disease.

The tests carried out at Coolangatta Medical Centre next to Tweed Heads can alert the medical personnel to the complications a person has even before they develop the symptoms associated with heart disease.

Many cardiologists have struggled to diagnose atherosclerosis early because it usually doesn’t present obvious symptoms in its early stages.

Research however has been able to reveal that there is a link between certain health conditions and heart disease. Doctors, therefore, focus on treating those conditions to ensure that they do not develop into heart disease. These conditions include:

High Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure are susceptible to heart disease and stroke. Prolonged untreated high blood pressure can result in the hardening of heart muscles which can eventually affect the beating of the heart. When a doctor discovers that a person’s blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg, they will begin monitoring their pressure by carrying out regular checks and controlling the level with medication and alternative treatment if appropriate.


People who are obese increase risk for a multitiude of heart complications. Among them are congestive heart failure and heart attacks. Regular bodyweight checks are recommended with every doctor’s appointment and if a person has a high body mass index, the doctor can carry out further tests to screen for heart disease

Overweight people can be treated by advising them on how to lose weight, eat healthily, and be more active. If they have already developed health complications, they can be treated before they get worse.


This can be a silent killer since many times a person may have high cholesterol levels but without checks, it may not be evident. Most people imagine that you have to be overweight to have high cholesterol but tests have shown that even people of average body weight may have high cholesterol.

Do you know your cholesterol level. Particular focus is put on bad cholesterol which can clog arteries.


People with type 2 diabetes need to get treatment and their heart health needs to be monitored. Poorly managed diabetes can result in stroke and heart disease.

Healthy Living

Heart disease is partially linked to lifestyle choices. People who live unhealthy lives stand a higher chance of developing heart complications. Medical personnel are encouraged to advise people at high risk of heart complications to live healthy lives. This would involve giving up habits like smoking which can result in heart attack, exercising more, and avoiding foods high in bad cholesterol.

Above all, the individuals need to get involved as well, they need to remember to have health checks carried out regularly and should talk to a doctor if they experience any symptoms of heart disease.